No hidden fees.  Ever.

​30 customisable fields for your information

​Supports vCard format to save your details to a contact’s phone instantly

​Secure platform. Your details are only visible to those you share your e-business card with.

​Design your card before you pay. Unlike other platforms, you can see your card design upfront.

Tapster’s Unparalleled Flexibility: Amend Card Content Free Forever with 30 Customizable Fields

In an age where adaptability is key, Tapster empowers professionals with the ultimate tool in networking – a dynamic E-Business Card that evolves with you. Let’s delve into Tapster’s remarkable ability to amend card content for free, forever, with an impressive array of 30 customizable fields.


A Canvas That Evolves With You 

Traditional business cards are static; once printed, the information is set in stone. Tapster transcends this limitation. With 30 customizable fields, your Tapster Card becomes a living canvas that reflects your ongoing journey. Whether you’re switching roles, updating contact details, or expanding your online presence, your Tapster Card evolves with you.


Boundless Customization Options 

The 30 customizable fields in your Tapster Card are not just about basic information. They are a gateway to endless possibilities:

  • Contact Information: Keep your phone number, email, and address up-to-date.
  • Social Media: Link your ever-growing social profiles.
  • Digital Portfolio: Showcase your best work through file uploads and custom links.
  • Product Catalogs: Update your offerings as your business expands.
  • Specialized Content: Share blogs, videos, or any content that reinforces your professional image.

The Freedom of Perpetuity

Tapster’s commitment to flexibility is not just about the breadth of customization; it’s about the duration. With a one-time purchase, Tapster grants you a lifetime license to amend your card’s content without any additional costs. This perpetual freedom ensures that your professional identity is not just dynamic, but also cost-effective.


A Tool For Seamless Networking 

As you amend your Tapster Card’s content, your network doesn’t have to do anything to keep up. With just a tap, they access your latest information, ensuring seamless networking. This dynamic exchange fosters stronger professional relationships and opens doors to new opportunities.


The QR Code Advantage: Ensuring Connectivity in Every Scenario 

One of the standout features of Tapster Cards is the inclusion of a QR code printed on the back, which acts as a reliable backup in scenarios where NFC might not work or a device is not compatible. This QR code ensures that your Tapster Card remains universally accessible. Users simply need to scan the QR code with their device’s camera to access the same information as they would through an NFC tap. This dual-mode functionality not only broadens the range of devices that can interact with your Tapster Card but also acts as a failsafe, ensuring that your vital information is always at the fingertips of your contacts, regardless of technological barriers. This feature exemplifies Tapster’s commitment to accessibility and seamless communication in our increasingly connected world.


Ease and Efficiency at Your Fingertips 📲

Amending your Tapster Card is not just powerful; it’s effortless. Through an intuitive interface, you can swiftly navigate and update the 30 customizable fields. This ease and efficiency mean that keeping your professional identity current is just a few clicks away.


A Sustainable Choice 🌿

Tapster’s ability to amend card content is not just good for your networking; it’s good for the planet. By eliminating the need for multiple printed business cards, you are making an environmentally conscious choice.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tapster’s ability to amend card content free forever with 30 customizable fields is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of professional networking. It empowers you with a dynamic, sustainable, and cost-effective tool that not only reflects your evolving journey but also maximizes your networking potential. Tapster is more than a card; it’s a companion for professional growth.


No hidden fees.  Ever.

30 customisable fields for your information

Supports vCard format to save your details to a contact's phone instantly

Secure platform. Your details are only visible to those you share your e-business card with.

Design your card before you pay. Unlike other platforms, you can see your card design upfront.