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The Tapster smart ID card can be customised to your company’s specification and will unlock 30 fields for your staff to connect with others with a simple tap.

Full colour print with a QR code on the back, Tapster cards are shipped quickly and free.


Empower Your Team with Tapster’s NFC Digital Smart E-Business ID Card! In today’s fast-paced business landscape, Tapster’s cutting-edge NFC-Enabled E-Business ID Cards are essential tools for success. With dual functionality, these ID cards are not just an identity badge but also an all-in-one e-business card.

Seamless Connectivity: A simple tap against a smartphone and your team members can instantly share their comprehensive contact details, direct links to your website, product catalogs, and additional resource materials. This optimizes networking and ensures that your brand remains unforgettable.

Dual Powerhouse for Efficiency: With Tapster’s NFC ID cards, your team gets the best of both worlds – a professional photo ID and an integrated digital business card. Streamline communication and showcase your team’s professionalism.

Endless Customization, Boundless Opportunities: The Tapster NFC ID card is powered by a sophisticated engine, boasting 30 customizable fields. Utilize this flexibility to create unique, impactful interactions, efficiently capture leads, and effectively disseminate information.

Brand-Centric Design: Use our intuitive professional card designer tool to customize Tapster ID cards with your brand aesthetics. Incorporate your logo and templates, making a powerful statement that resonates with your brand’s values and vision.

Step into the Future: Transition seamlessly into the future of professional networking and identity with Tapster ID E-Business Cards. Elevate your team’s capabilities and set new industry standards.

The Tapster Promise: See and perfect your card’s design before you commit. With Tapster, what you see is what you get and there are absolutely no hidden fees. Get your Tapster digital smart ID card and your e-business card with unlimited contact detail updates at a transparent, one-time cost. We value your trust and even offer free shipping. Yes, you heard it right, no additional costs!

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Take charge of the game with Tapster’s NFC Digital E-Business ID Cards. Your team’s potential is limitless. Get started today!


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