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Tapster Smart ID Card

Is your enterprise employing identification cards? If the answer is affirmative, consider adopting the Tapster Smart ID Card.

This ingenious ID card is embedded with NFC technology and boasts an impressive user interface, allowing your team to have a virtual business card incorporated within the ID itself.

Tapster Bamboo e-Business Cards

Demonstrating your concern for the environment couldn’t be clearer than with the use of an e-Business card… But there’s actually a step beyond – behold the Bamboo Tapster Card. Tailored with your brand’s logo and text, Tapster Bamboo cards not only make a powerful statement but also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and delightful texture.

tapster full colour e-business cards

Unleash the Spectrum of Possibilities with Tapster Full-Colour E-Business NFC Enabled Cards!

Elevate your networking game with the vibrant and dynamic Tapster Full-Colour E-Business Cards. Engage and captivate your audience with an array of vivid hues, while the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology takes connectivity to a whole new level.



This is what your business contact see

with the tap of your card.

30 customisable fields

Keep your information up to date.  You can log in anytime and change any of your details.  Lifetime access and unlimited changes included with each Tapster e-business card.

Five reasons why Tapster is the best value e-business card available.

Australian owned business shipping from Australia

No Hidden Fees, Just Boundless Possibilities

30 variable fields for you to store information you can share with a single tap

Update your business card details as many times as you wish

30 day money back guarantee

Tapster Online Card Designer

Design Your Own Card

Use our smart card customiser tool to design your own card.  Add images, logos, text and effects to make your Tapster card truly yours.

The best part is you can design your card before committing to a purchase!  Thats right, see your card in our designer and then if you are happy, complete the purchase.

Tapster smart e-business card.  Design your own or we can design for you.

Or we can design it for you

Not sure how your card should look?  Easy.  Send us your logo and text and we will design your Tapster card for you.

does your company use id cards?




If your staff require ID cards, upgrade to Tapster today.  We will design your identity cards and give them smart capabilities so each ID card becomes an e-business card.  Picture your staff able to share contact details, catalogues and product specifics with the tap of a card.

We can tailor a package to your needs.

Make your ID cards a tool of the trade

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Andrew – Melbourne

{132c0b26bc010b13ef3b8658b92a237e2139a97810b0d7ac42d4fb9504b3ee14}22My company has been using plastic ID cards for years. My staff carry their card in a lanyard while they are at work. Now, I don't have to pay for business cards and sales staff can't forget to take their business card on sales calls. The investment is well worth the return.

Selina – Sydney

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Mark – Gold Coast


Built and tested on Android and iOS.

Seamlessly Adaptive.  Engineered & Assessed for Uncompromised Performance on Leading Platforms & Devices 

Tapster cards flawlessly integrate with both iPhone and Android ecosystems, provided NFC is activated. Just place your Tapster card near the back of any NFC-enabled device, and voila – your contact details are instantly available to the recipient. 

With security at the forefront, Tapster employs stringent technology ensuring data transfer only occurs when the card is in proximity to the receiver’s phone, safeguarding your information. 

Elevate your networking with the adaptable and secure Tapster e-business card.

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For such a low cost, order your Tapster card today and see how efficient business can be. Cards are made in Australia and shipped using Australia Post.